Promote inclusive & lifelong education with appropriate reformation

How we Educate?

DRRA's inclusive education program combines early childhood development and inclusive education in primary and secondary schools. Here we incorporated ICT and assistive technology in education and we practiced special, non-formal and lifelong education for inclusion of all children at education. Since the implementation of our education program in 1998, we supported 160,000 children of 594 educational institutes to continue inclusive education.

Education Model

Education is every child’s right. That's why DRRA  promoting and a low-cost inclusive education model called 'Learn for Life' for the well-being of children including all types of children with disabilities. Learn for Life is a systemic approach to accelerate disability-inclusive education by preparing children, families, schools, teachers, and academic authorities.

Over two decades DRRA has developed this model through PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act) cycle and finally this model awarded as low cost and comprehensive model by Zero project in the year of 2020 which is replicable widely. 


Our Actions for Education

We follow a holistic approach starts from early childhood to higher Secondary levels. Through this education program DRRA contributing to increase the literacy rate of the children with disabilities at the rural level. We promote community engagement and partner with governments to contribute to the Sustainable development goal 4. 

DRRA's  Education  model is a complete and inclusive solution for all children including the children with disabilities. 

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