DRRA, CBM and Prothom Alo jointly organized a Round Table titled "Expansion of Inclusive Health, : Collaboration of Government and Non-Government organizations" on 14th October at the Conference Room of Prothom Alo. A post-editorial was published in this regard on 24th October about the miseries of persons with disabilities during their mobility and a wheel chair can help for easy movement from one place to another. After reading the post editorial some philanthropic persons shown their interest to provide wheel chair for persons with disabilities. Prothom Alo has collected 9 wheel chair from 5 philanthropic persons and institutions and Prothom Alo provided another two total 11 wheel chair and one walker handed over to DRRA. Four recipients were present in the program. On the occasion of wheel chair distribution Prothom Alo organised a small program at its office at CA Bhaban, Karwan Bazar. Prothom Alo Editor, Matiur Rahman, Associate Editor Abdul Qyium, Anisul Haque, DRRA Executive Director Farida Yesmin received the wheel chair on behalf of DRRA. DRRA will distribute to the children and persons with disabilities.

Sumi mother of a recipient mentioned she was taking her child in the school for last two years now after getting this wheel chair it would be easier to bring him in the school.

Executive Director of DRRA, Farida Yesmin said DRRA runs five schools and the children of the school will receive the wheel chairs. She thanked to Prthom Alo for taking this nice initiative. If we work jointly we can do more for the development of children with disabilities, she added.

Matiur Rahman of Prothom Alo we are doing this type of small works and it is possible by the personal initiative. Cooperation of all corners is required for doing any big task. We have to raise awareness on the issue. He expressed his deep gratitute to the mother of the children with disabilities.  

Anisul Haque, Associated Editor said these wheel help the children with disabilities for their easy mobility one place to another.

Abdul Qyium Associate Editor of Prothom Alo moderated the program.

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