Children with a complex disability often experience difficulties like: reflux problem, feel pain, discomfort, breathing problem, obstruction, while eating up food, resulting grow fear in their mind in taking food and they avoid and reject food. When eating becomes a battle against will, parents also cannot win by forcing their children to eat. Force will only aggravate the problem and children may even choose to endanger their health.

To meet the parents’ utmost need, DRRA arranged two separate day long hand on trainings for parents on the problem in and techniques of feeding their children with complex difficulties. Held at Manikgonj on 3rd July 2018 and at Baridhara on 7th July 2018, trainings were facilitated by Rabeya Neela, Principal of DRRA  Amar Jyoti Badda Special School and  Antoinette Termoshuizen, founder of NIKETON FOUNDATION and Counselor of Education4all, who are also mothers of child with complex difficulties. Total  22 parents of 03 special Centres for children with disabilities of DRRA ( Antoinette Kendro, We Can and Ghior Centre) of Manikgonj and 23 parents from Special school at Baridhara participated that training. After the training they got a clear concept on physical or medical problems that causes feeding difficulty, understanding on refluxes and its remedy, technique of feeding in proper way, parents' rightly behavior during feeding, maintenance of hygiene and quality of food of their children. During the training they have learnt hand on skills of right positioning of feeding and demonstrated them. Parents were very spontaneous in learning with lot of their sharing.

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